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Manage your BTC faucets income from this site. Short description: Hold down the Ctrl + Click on your beloved BTC faucets, a timer in seconds with the new loaded faucet rotator page is starting. When the timer has run down, the link changes to a flashing status. You can close the inactive faucet links. Click on the faucet rotator link again, the timer is restarting together with the new faucet rotator link.

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Intellect Coin

Waiting time between questions: 30 min
Prizes: 600-1200 satoshi
Referral earnings 100%
Answer the quiz questions to earn more satoshi Cashout at 100000 satoshi to Coinbase
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Waiting time between claims: 60 min
Prizes: 400-800 satoshi
Jackpot approximated 0,5 Btc Cashout automated Monday minimum at 10000 satoshi to Coinbase
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Waiting time between claims: 5 min
Prizes: 1600-240 satoshi
Cashout automated minimum at 3000 satoshi to Coinbase
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Shot Bitcoin

Waiting time between shots: 30 min
Prizes: 105-500 satoshi
Shot the bottles to earn more satoshi Cashout automated two weekly minimum at 15000 satoshi to Coinbase
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